AI’ve previously posted on my Facebook page that I can help people to effectively use Quora as a method of getting more people to peoples website’s. What was the most common reply to that post? ‘What is Quora?’ of course. Although Quora has an active user base of over 80 millions people in 2020, it is still a platform many people are completely unaware of or have no idea how they can use Quora to their advantage.

How does Quora Work?

It’s essentially a platform where people ask questions and get answers about pretty much any field. If you have a question that you cannot find the answer to on Google, post it on Quora and you may find an expert on that topic giving you the answer. You can give answers to people’s questions and become recognised as someone who knows what they are talking about, and link people to your website for whatever reasons. There are various categories such as Health, Music, Art and Tech which have question being asked regularly about different topics related to those categories. Questions can be anything from personal topics to really high end skilled topics. Your feed will contain questions and answers in the topics you choose to follow!

View of the Quora Newsfeed

If you see an answer to a question you do not believe to be true, they can be flagged as useful or least correct, and you can contribute your own answer to questions that have already been answered, giving those who may also be searching for answers to the same question an range of answers to take information away from.

Got a question you need answering? You can get replies VERY quickly by posting into the different topic areas, and it might even save you time using this platform as your go to.

Answers/Questions can then be shared to other social media platforms and asking questions about contemporary issues can lead to a large number of people interacting with your post.

social links quora

Using Quora effectively and how can I get people to my website using Quora?

Before diving into this, please always remember NOT to overly promote yourself on the platform, it can result in yourself being banned! This will stop masses of accounts spamming posts and you will find you’ll not get a warning prior to being banned.

Adding a link to a post that’ll link people to your website is great, if it’s relevant to the question and should be avoided if it isn’t.

Gaining a reputation on Quora by providing accurate, educational answer can make you a well-known name on the platform for particular fields and people may wish to contact you directly to ask you about something related. But do not go into questions in your chosen topics and copy other people’s answers, this will stop you from standing out and ultimately in the case of this blog, stop people needing to go to your website based on the answers you give.

Have a read through other peoples answers, if any, and aim to make your answers more informing whilst also paying attention of the structure of your post. Post screenshots of helpful information, informative images and graphs to make your answer really stand out and increase it’s value to those viewing it. If people are posting long answers to a question, you ideally want to write a similarly long answer also, but ensure that the information is relevant and to the point, don’t beef up your answer just to reach the same length as others, be precise and become recognized for your quality, precise questions that really help out those asking questions.

Questions and answers stay on the site for a very long time, especially if it’s a timeless question where there will always be people asking about it and searching for an answer. Questions can gain 100’s, if not 1000’s of answers with different opinions and perspectives over the years it’s posted on Quora.

You need to make sure your website has content that is worthy of being linked to, such as a blog containing an in-depth information about a topic or a tutorial how to do something step-by-step, which can be helpful to the person you’re answering the question to. Is someone asking ‘What are the best ways to lose weight at home without jumping?’ (a popular question at the time of writing this blog). Do you have a blog or page containing such workouts with advice and helpful tips? Then link them to it after providing a decent answer on the Quora platform alongside! Looking through various subjects that are outside your expertise can help you learn more of how great answers are written and who the experts are in those fields. Also take a look at the top writers in the last 30 days in the topic of ‘Television’, note the amount of views and answers they have recieved.

Some top Quora writers


So you’ve got content on the website, where to go next? You need to find questions on Quora that the links to your website would be suitable for. Search for a topic, such as ‘Nutrition’, and see people’s questions where you could link your health and nutrition blog posts to, and include your link as part of your answer. But always focus on providing a quality answer before considering how you can get people to your blog/website! Answers should provide valuable information to the person asking, but should make them want to find more information and read more via the link you provide.

Search for Nutrition

By searching for a key word, you’ll be presented with a multitude of areas that word comes up as a topic name. You might find something completly new about that topic! (I’ve never hear dof Cirrhosis Nutrition, have you?). Clicking on one of these, in this example ‘search nutrition’, you’ll be taken to a page displaying the results in the form of questions that have been asked, with the keyword highlighted:

Nutrition topic search results

Next thing to do is choose a question! Here the top question has been chosen to show you an example of what the question interface will look like. Take note of the ‘upvote’ button, this is basically the ‘like’ button on Facebook, however more ‘upvoted’ questions will find themselves higher on the search results,.

Question about Nutrition

Be sure to follow the topics you search for so that in future you can post further links to the blog and pages of your website! There isn’t much use posting an answer on an old question, so check the date of posting and last submitted answer. Try and be the first to answer newly-posted questions to gain the first slice of the attention.

There might be only a handful of questions asked on a topic, or 1000’s of questions each having 1000’s of people provide an answer. You can see how well each question thread is performing including the recent answers to the question by clicking on the ‘View Stats and Log’ via the 3 dots next to each question.

How to find Stats

You can see such things as how many views, how many public followers, the date of the last follow and how many questions have been merged into the thread. You should aim to answer the questions that have people following the threads so those following get updated when your answer gets added.

Stats of a post

As your reputation grows you may receive requests to answer question on a subject you’ve provided an answer for before. These requests, along with questions that have been asked you, can be found by going to the page:

Your Questions Quora

Another reminder to use images in your answers, these can greatly benefit the quality and attention your answer recieves. Some people like to read long, essay length answers, but many will take more away from an answer that features some imagery that perhaps demonstrates the answer. Take this example where someone asked:

‘If processed meat is so unhealthy, how are the Germans able to eat it frequently without significant damage to health?’ link here

Here the top answer is a very long, and highly informative one but does not feature any images. Although extremely educational, it should be compared to the second top answer where there are a fraction of the words used as the top answer, and in it’s place are images, as well as being a different answer providing different information. Adding images shows you have taken the time to go out there and find evidence to support your answer, giving it more credibility.

Image based Answer

There are many platforms that you can interact with other people and drive traffic to your website, but using Quora allows you to expand your knowledge and gain a reputation quite easily. Its becoming an evermore popular platform and has some real potential to help you market your products, websites and growth as a professional. You might even find it addicting answering allsorts of questions!