Free Emailing Marketing Course

With the release date being pushed back a few months due to a surge of work coming in and constantly picking at minor details of the course to try perfect it, we can finally announce that it will be released at the start of October 2020!

Although it was intended to be a paid course (either through Udemy or other platform), it’s been decided to release it for FREE over a course of a few weeks/months on YouTube! This means you can download and listen in your own time if you’re a premium subscriber, and you can watch it on a platform you’re probably more familiar with. You can subscribe and get notifications for the next videos being released, too.

The idea for making it free is simple, it’s our first course and making courses solely for a price may put people off following the course as there are already other courses available out there on Udemy, Skillshare, YouTube etc that are free or at a low cost.

Free doesn’t mean it’s low quality! A LOT of time and effort has been put into writing the course, producing the slides, making examples and small exercises so it’s definitely worth checking out if you want to know more about Email Marketing.

Some course information

The course may be in some respects short, but there is a lot of detail put inside it, especially later on down the line. It’s been made more to inform you about different aspects of email marketing, and unlike many other courses you may have done online, it doesn’t contain many actual exercises. Treat this course as a series of lessons that will guide you through what it is, how to improve and ensure you’re on top of trends etc. Of course there will be some sections where you’ll be made to think about your ideas and how you can apply the concepts to what you want to do in regards to email marketing in future, but it’s more built to make you take notes and put things into practice when you get around to actually sending emails.

So, here’s a list of things that you will learn:

  • What email marketing is
  • What the different types of emails are
  • Why your business needs to send emails to be successful or grow
  • Latest trends
  • The do’s and don’ts of email marketing
  • Regulations and rules to follow
  • Tons of tips and advice which are based around:
    • Avoiding the spam folder of your recipients
    • Making your emails more appealing from the subject line to the links you put inside
    • How to build emailing lists
  • How to set up MailChimp and Drip Emailing platforms to get you started
  • Walking you through various areas of these platforms to effectively use them and get familiar with some functionalities
  • And a bunch more!

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