Project Description


Alt Valley helps those in various communities gain employment, earn qualifications and hosts a number of other services such as Education & Training, Various Libraries and Gyms, as well as being the umbrella company for various other businesses based in the Liverpool Area.

Our Approach

Taking into account the costs of various different hosting platforms including WordPress, Web-builders such as Wix and Squarespace and the budget they have as a charity, comparisons were drawn up and gathering all the required information and images for the various sections began. After discussing with the managers on the preferred approach to the website, design began with a deadline of 3-4 weeks.

What we did for them

The previous website was extremely outdated, unresponsive and and failed to keep those visiting the website engaged for longer periods of time, resulting in some pretty negative results on analytics. As it is essentially a charity, we pointed them towards the use of a webbuilder, in this case Wix, because it offers them what they needed whilst keeping within their budget. This allowed the staff to maintain their website after completion with little need to keep someone employed to do so, effectively saving them money.

We’re currently making social media content for their 10+ channels which continue to grow whilst also ensuring their SEO is kept up to date.


What was improved as a result of a new website. You can visit the Alt Valley Website by clicking below:

Visit alt Valley

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