Project Description


Blackburne House (Formerly Women’s Technology and Education Centre (WTEC), is a charity for women in Liverpool, which focuses mainly at those who are vulnerable. A charity which boasts a host of services including an award-winning Bistro, Wellbeing Centre, Room Hire, wedding events, and a nursery.

It is also one of the countries leading education centre’s for women and is situated in a Grade II listed building in Liverpool

Requirements & Approach

With so many different facilities and services under Blackburne house, they required a website which will allow them to show off all these in their own unique way, to stand out from the other charities of a similar pedigree also situated in Liverpool. They needed to accept bookings, sell various courses and events, allow people to book rooms and enrol on educational courses with ease. The companies marketing team also needed a platform they can upload images, blogs and other items with ease, without needing to employ someone after completion to do this. Since this is fundamentally a charity, budgeting was one of the main considerations for the task at hand.

How We Did It & What Came Next

The previous website was not something that could be worked with, so a full redesign was undertaken. After gathering the required information, images and setting deadlines, the website was completed in a relatively short time whilst working closely with the different departments of the large charitable company. Work is being continued for Blackburne house where constant improvements and additional features are being added, preparing for the new academic year.


Where is Blackburne House now compared to before when we redeveloped their site? Check out there website using the link below:

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