Project Description


2020 has brought some tough times, especially for local businesses due to the Covid-19 situation which started around March. With businesses forced to close and leaving many people unable to work, some businesses had new ideas on how to help the communities they’re situated in, and that’s where Croxteth Farm Produce came in.

Croxteth Park Farm has been a popular family attraction for numerous years and is a well known estate in Liverpool and surrounding areas. Since they had been selling produce from the farm to visitors, expanding this to an online store was a no-brainer and it allowed those unable to leave their homes to order fresh food, meat and essentials.

Requirements & Goals

Croxteth Park Farm needs to be able to sell as much of their produce, to as many people as possible during the time of the UK lockdown due to the fact that the delivery service may no longer being needed once everything back to normal.

The main source of sales was predicted to be those aged 50+, and within the area of the farm, where people tend to be more wealthy than the post codes outside, but not limited to. Because of this age factor, the site must be easy to use, allow for an easy and straightforward shopping experience and display all information clearly.

As many online store platforms charge fees on sales, and as there was a limited budget, choosing a platform that was easy to use and update whilst keeping withing budget, comparisons needed to be made.

How We Did it & What Came Next

Not our favourite choice of platform, however after showing the pro’s and con’s including costs and setup times, Wix was the platform of choice by the company.

Setup of an online store in Wix is exceptionally quick and relatively easy. After aquiring all the details mentioned above, piecing the website together and advertising on social media channels began. In just over 3 days the website was fully functional and was already receiving orders.

Various updates have been made and will continue to be made over the course of lockdown and there has been several discussions about keeping the service running after the lockdown ends. A Success in its own rights!


As the website is still continuing to grow, it’s hard to give exact results. But here’s how it did in the first month!

You can visit the Croxteth Farm Produce site yourself below:

Visit Croxteth Farm Produce

Initial Sales