We make websites for businesses, personal use and eCommerce!

With so many platforms available today to make a website or online store, creating something unique and at a certain budget can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing! Here at AndDevUK we’ll listen to your needs, develop a plan and choose the best platform out there for you.

Want to know more on how to make your website successful? Maybe it’s time for a change? Read on!

We do not only focus on building websites, we also love to help improve existing websites and give you tips and advice about web-design related topics and digital marketing so you can do it yourself!

In an age of WYSIWYG websites such as Wix, Squarespace, Godaddy, Weebly and many other do-it-yourself website platforms which you can even use for eCommerce, you may wish to have your sites optimized correctly or have custom features built for your website if you’d rather save some money and build the website yourself for the most part.

With a number of services available, there’s something we can help you and your website with. Check out our blogs for tips and advice on a number of areas!

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Not ready to start the journey?

If you’re only at the first stages of setting up your business or even if it’s just an idea, we can still help you go over how digital marketing can be applied and help you grow (or if it won’t help).

Perhaps you just need a hand setting up Google Analytics or other online service before getting deep into your Digital Marketing strategy?

We love to hear to your ideas about your business startups, blogs, hobbies and anything else you may wish to make a website and get your idea out there. Get in touch and we can have a light chat about what it is you have in mind!

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Choosing the right platform and our prices

There are many platforms out there, but which is the best suited for you business, blog or personal website? We’ll help you come to a decision and hopefully make it a reality! Prices for different platforms, including hosting fees which you will have to cover on your end will vary! Remember, there’s a 50% discount for charities (limited to a 5 page website). We’ll also maintain the website and make changes after release for a week.

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